tornadofx / tornadofx / BindingAwareSimpleStringProperty


class BindingAwareSimpleStringProperty : SimpleStringProperty, BindingAwareProperty<String>


<init> BindingAwareSimpleStringProperty(viewModel: ViewModel, name: String?)


bind fun bind(rawObservable: ObservableValue<out String>?): Unit
bindBidirectional fun bindBidirectional(other: Property<String>?): Unit

Inherited Functions

recordBinding open fun recordBinding(observableValue: ObservableValue<*>?): Unit

Extension Properties

isDirty val <T> Property<T>.isDirty: Boolean

Check if a given property from the ViewModel is dirty. This is a shorthand form of:

isNotDirty val <T> Property<T>.isNotDirty: Boolean
viewModel val Property<*>.viewModel: ViewModel?

Extract the ViewModel from a property that is bound towards a ViewModel Facade

viewModelFacade val ObservableValue<*>.viewModelFacade: Property<*>?

Extract the ViewModel Facade from a property that is bound towards it

Extension Functions

addValidator fun <T> Property<T>.addValidator(node: Node, trigger: ValidationTrigger = ValidationTrigger.OnChange(), validator: ValidationContext.(T?) -> ValidationMessage?): <ERROR CLASS>

Add the given validator to a property that resides inside a ViewModel. The supplied node will be decorated by the current decorationProvider for this context inside the ViewModel of the property if validation fails.

animate fun <T> WritableValue<T>.animate(endValue: T, duration: Duration, interpolator: Interpolator? = null, op: Timeline.() -> Unit = {}): Unit
assignIfNull fun <T> WritableValue<T>.assignIfNull(creator: () -> T): Unit

Assign the value from the creator to this WritableValue if and only if it is currently null

awaitUntil fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.awaitUntil(condition: (T) -> Boolean): Unit

Wait on the UI thread until a certain value is available on this observable.

booleanBinding fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.booleanBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> Boolean): BooleanBinding
cleanBind fun <T> Property<T>.cleanBind(observable: ObservableValue<T>): Unit

Binds this property to an observable, automatically unbinding it before if already bound.

compareTo operator fun StringExpression.compareTo(other: String): Int
operator fun StringExpression.compareTo(other: ObservableStringValue): Int
doubleBinding fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.doubleBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> Double): DoubleBinding
eq infix fun StringExpression.eq(other: String): BooleanBinding
infix fun StringExpression.eq(other: ObservableStringValue): BooleanBinding
eqIgnoreCase infix fun StringExpression.eqIgnoreCase(other: String): BooleanBinding
infix fun StringExpression.eqIgnoreCase(other: ObservableStringValue): BooleanBinding
floatBinding fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.floatBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> Float): FloatBinding
ge infix fun String): BooleanBinding
infix fun ObservableStringValue): BooleanBinding
get operator fun StringExpression.get(index: Int): Binding<Char?>
operator fun StringExpression.get(index: ObservableIntegerValue): Binding<Char?>
operator fun StringExpression.get(start: Int, end: Int): StringBinding
operator fun StringExpression.get(start: ObservableIntegerValue, end: Int): StringBinding
operator fun StringExpression.get(start: Int, end: ObservableIntegerValue): StringBinding
operator fun StringExpression.get(start: ObservableIntegerValue, end: ObservableIntegerValue): StringBinding
getProperty fun <T> Any.getProperty(prop: KMutableProperty1<*, T>): ObjectProperty<T>
getValue operator fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.getValue(thisRef: Any, property: KProperty<*>): T
gt infix fun String): BooleanBinding
infix fun ObservableStringValue): BooleanBinding
integerBinding fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.integerBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> Int): IntegerBinding
isBlank fun ObservableValue<String>.isBlank(): BooleanBinding
isNotBlank fun ObservableValue<String>.isNotBlank(): BooleanBinding
le infix fun StringExpression.le(other: String): BooleanBinding
infix fun StringExpression.le(other: ObservableStringValue): BooleanBinding
longBinding fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.longBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> Long): LongBinding
lt infix fun String): BooleanBinding
infix fun ObservableStringValue): BooleanBinding
markDirty fun Property<*>.markDirty(): Unit?

Mark this ViewModel facade property as dirty in its owning ViewModel.

matches fun ObservableValue<String>.matches(pattern: Regex): BooleanBinding
mutateOnChange fun <T> Property<T>.mutateOnChange(mutator: (T?) -> T?): <ERROR CLASS>

Listen to changes and update the value of the property if the given mutator results in a different value

objectBinding fun <T, R> ObservableValue<T>.objectBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> R?): Binding<R?>
observable fun <T : Any> Any.observable(propName: String): ObjectProperty<T>
onChange fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.onChange(op: (T?) -> Unit): <ERROR CLASS>
onChangeOnce fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.onChangeOnce(op: (T?) -> Unit): Unit
onChangeTimes fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.onChangeTimes(times: Int, op: (T?) -> Unit): Unit

Listen for changes to this observable. Optionally only listen x times. The lambda receives the changed value when the change occurs, which may be null,

plus operator fun Any): StringExpression
plusAssign operator fun StringProperty.plusAssign(other: Any): Unit
select fun <T, N> ObservableValue<T>.select(nested: (T) -> ObservableValue<N>): Property<N>
selectBoolean fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.selectBoolean(nested: (T) -> BooleanExpression): BooleanExpression
setValue operator fun <T> Property<T>.setValue(thisRef: Any, property: KProperty<*>, value: T?): Unit
stringBinding fun <T> ObservableValue<T>.stringBinding(vararg dependencies: Observable, op: (T?) -> String?): StringBinding
unaryMinus operator fun StringExpression.unaryMinus(): StringBinding