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interface ChildInterceptor

An interceptor that can veto or provide another mechanism for adding children to their parent.

All interceptors called for all builders right before the default mechanism adds the newly created node to the parent container. Returning false means that the default will be used. Returning true means that you added the child yourself and that the default mechanism should do nothing.

This is useful for layout containers that need special handling when adding child nodes.

Example: MigPane needs to add a default ComponentConstraint object to be able to manipulate the constraint after the child is added.

class MigPaneChildInterceptor: ChildInterceptor{
     override fun invoke(parent: EventTarget, node: Node, index: Int?): Boolean{
         return when(parent){
             is MigPane ->  {parent.add(node, CC()); true}
             else -> false
Unresolved: tornadofx.tests.FirstInterceptor
Unresolved: tornadofx.tests.SecondInterceptor


invoke abstract operator fun invoke(parent: EventTarget, node: Node, index: Int?): Boolean

Extension Functions

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