tornadofx / tornadofx / DataGridSelectionModel


class DataGridSelectionModel<T> : MultipleSelectionModel<T>


<init> DataGridSelectionModel(dataGrid: DataGrid<T>)


dataGrid val dataGrid: DataGrid<T>


clearAndSelect fun clearAndSelect(index: Int): Unit
clearSelection fun clearSelection(index: Int): Unit
fun clearSelection(): Unit
clearSelectionAndReapply fun clearSelectionAndReapply(): Unit

Clear selection and reapply for the items that are still in the list

getCellAt fun getCellAt(index: Int): DataGridCell<T>?
getSelectedIndices fun getSelectedIndices(): ObservableList<Int>
getSelectedItems fun getSelectedItems(): ObservableList<T>
isEmpty fun isEmpty(): Boolean
isSelected fun isSelected(index: Int): Boolean
select fun select(obj: T): Unit
fun select(index: Int): Unit
selectAll fun selectAll(): Unit
selectFirst fun selectFirst(): Unit
selectIndices fun selectIndices(index: Int, vararg indices: Int): Unit
selectLast fun selectLast(): Unit
selectNext fun selectNext(): Unit
selectPrevious fun selectPrevious(): Unit

Extension Functions

getProperty fun <T> Any.getProperty(prop: KMutableProperty1<*, T>): ObjectProperty<T>
observable fun <T : Any> Any.observable(propName: String): ObjectProperty<T>