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class FX


IgnoreParentBuilder enum class IgnoreParentBuilder


<init> FX()

Companion Object Properties

application val application: Application
defaultScope var defaultScope: Scope
defaultWorkspace var defaultWorkspace: KClass<out Workspace>
dicontainer var dicontainer: DIContainer?
dumpStylesheets var dumpStylesheets: Boolean
eventbus val eventbus: EventBus
fxmlLocator var fxmlLocator: (UIComponent, String?) -> URL
icon val icon: Node
initialized val initialized: SimpleBooleanProperty
layoutDebuggerShortcut var layoutDebuggerShortcut: KeyCodeCombination?
locale var locale: Locale
lock val lock: Any
log val log: Logger
messages var messages: ResourceBundle
messagesNameProvider var messagesNameProvider: (Class<out Component>?) -> String

Provides the name of the Resource Bundle for a given Component Class. A null value may be passed to represent the global bundle.

osgiAvailable val osgiAvailable: Boolean
osgiDebuggerShortcut var osgiDebuggerShortcut: KeyCodeCombination?
primaryStage val primaryStage: Stage
reloadStylesheetsOnFocus var reloadStylesheetsOnFocus: Boolean
reloadViewsOnFocus var reloadViewsOnFocus: Boolean
stylesheets val stylesheets: ObservableList<String>

Companion Object Functions

addChildInterceptor fun addChildInterceptor(interceptor: ChildInterceptor): Unit
applyStylesheetsTo fun applyStylesheetsTo(scene: Scene): Unit
find fun <T : Component> find(componentType: Class<T>, scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope): T
fun <T : Component> find(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope): T
getApplication fun getApplication(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope): <ERROR CLASS>
getComponents fun getComponents(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope): <ERROR CLASS>
getPrimaryStage fun getPrimaryStage(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope): <ERROR CLASS>
installErrorHandler fun installErrorHandler(): Unit
localeProperty fun localeProperty(): SimpleObjectProperty<Locale>
messagesNameProviderProperty fun messagesNameProviderProperty(): ObjectProperty<(Class<out Component>?) -> String>
messagesProperty fun messagesProperty(): SimpleObjectProperty<ResourceBundle>
registerApplication fun registerApplication(application: Application, primaryStage: Stage): Unit
fun registerApplication(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, application: Application, primaryStage: Stage): Unit
removeChildInterceptor fun removeChildInterceptor(interceptor: ChildInterceptor): Unit
replaceComponent fun replaceComponent(obsolete: UIComponent): Unit
runAndWait fun runAndWait(action: () -> Unit): Unit
setApplication fun setApplication(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, application: Application): Unit
setPrimaryStage fun setPrimaryStage(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, stage: Stage): Unit

Extension Functions

getProperty fun <T> Any.getProperty(prop: KMutableProperty1<*, T>): ObjectProperty<T>
observable fun <T : Any> Any.observable(propName: String): ObjectProperty<T>