tornadofx / tornadofx / FilterHandler


interface FilterHandler


handleFilterChange abstract fun handleFilterChange(text: String): Unit
hideSuggestion abstract fun hideSuggestion(): Boolean
showSuggestion abstract fun showSuggestion(): Boolean
validateSelection abstract fun validateSelection(): Unit

Extension Functions

getProperty fun <T> Any.getProperty(prop: KMutableProperty1<*, T>): ObjectProperty<T>
observable fun <T : Any> Any.observable(propName: String): ObjectProperty<T>


AutoCompleteComboBoxSkin open class AutoCompleteComboBoxSkin<T> : ComboBoxPopupControl<T>, FilterHandler

Auto Complete support for combobox Accept a call back to make custom filter Default filter use the string produced by the converter of combobox and search with contains ignore case the occurrence of typed text Created by anouira on 15/02/2017.