tornadofx / tornadofx / Scoped


interface Scoped


and open infix fun and(rule: CssRule): CssRuleSet
append abstract fun append(rule: CssSubRule): CssRuleSet
child open infix fun child(rule: CssRule): CssRuleSet
contains open infix fun contains(rule: CssRule): CssRuleSet
next open infix fun next(rule: CssRule): CssRuleSet
sibling open infix fun sibling(rule: CssRule): CssRuleSet
toRuleSet abstract fun toRuleSet(): CssRuleSet

Extension Functions

and open infix fun Scoped.and(selection: CssSelection): CssSelection
append open fun Scoped.append(oldSelection: CssSelection, relation: Relation): CssSelection
child open infix fun Scoped.child(selection: CssSelection): CssSelection
contains open infix fun Scoped.contains(selection: CssSelection): CssSelection
getProperty fun <T> Any.getProperty(prop: KMutableProperty1<*, T>): ObjectProperty<T>
next open infix fun CssSelection): CssSelection
observable fun <T : Any> Any.observable(propName: String): ObjectProperty<T>
sibling open infix fun Scoped.sibling(selection: CssSelection): CssSelection


CssRule class CssRule : Selectable, Scoped, Rendered
CssRuleSet class CssRuleSet : Selectable, Scoped, Rendered