tornadofx / tornadofx / WorkspaceApp


open class WorkspaceApp : App


<init> WorkspaceApp(initiallyDockedView: KClass<out UIComponent>, vararg stylesheet: KClass<out Stylesheet>)


initiallyDockedView val initiallyDockedView: KClass<out UIComponent>

Inherited Properties

config open val config: ConfigProperties

Path to app/global configuration settings. Defaults to inside the configured configBasePath (By default conf in the current directory).

configBasePath open val configBasePath: Path

Default path for configuration. All components will by default store their configuration in a file below this path.

configCharset open val configCharset: Charset
configPath open val configPath: Path

Path for the application wide config element. It is by default, in the folder provided by #configBasePath

primaryView open val primaryView: KClass<out UIComponent>
resources val resources: ResourceLookup
scope open var scope: Scope
workspace val workspace: Workspace


onBeforeShow open fun onBeforeShow(view: UIComponent): Unit

Inherited Functions

checkboxItem fun PopupMenu.checkboxItem(label: String, state: Boolean = false, op: CheckboxMenuItem.() -> Unit): CheckboxMenuItem
createPrimaryScene open fun createPrimaryScene(view: UIComponent): Scene
fire fun <T : FXEvent> fire(event: T): Unit
inject fun <T> inject(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope): ReadOnlyProperty<App, T> where T : Component, T : ScopedInstance
item fun PopupMenu.item(label: String, shortcut: MenuShortcut? = null, op: MenuItem.() -> Unit): MenuItem
k fun <T : Any> k(javaClass: Class<T>): KClass<T>
menu fun String, op: PopupMenu.() -> Unit): Unit
setOnAction fun MenuItem.setOnAction(fxThread: Boolean = false, action: () -> Unit): Unit
setOnItem fun CheckboxMenuItem.setOnItem(fxThread: Boolean = false, action: (Boolean) -> Unit): Unit
setOnMouseClicked fun TrayIcon.setOnMouseClicked(fxThread: Boolean = false, button: Int = BUTTON1, clickCount: Int = 1, op: () -> Unit): Unit
shouldShowPrimaryStage open fun shouldShowPrimaryStage(): Boolean
start open fun start(stage: Stage): Unit
stop open fun stop(): Unit
trayicon fun trayicon(image: BufferedImage, tooltip: String?, implicitExit: Boolean = false, autoSize: Boolean = false, op: TrayIcon.() -> Unit): Unit
fun trayicon(icon: InputStream, tooltip: String? = null, implicitExit: Boolean = false, autoSize: Boolean = false, op: TrayIcon.() -> Unit): Unit

Extension Functions

getProperty fun <T> Any.getProperty(prop: KMutableProperty1<*, T>): ObjectProperty<T>
observable fun <T : Any> Any.observable(propName: String): ObjectProperty<T>