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Extensions for javafx.geometry.Point3D

angle infix fun Point3D.angle(other: Point3D): Double
cross infix fun Point3D.cross(other: Point3D): Point3D
distance infix fun Point3D.distance(other: Point3D): Double
div operator fun Point3D.div(divisor: Double): Point3D
dot infix fun Point3D): Double
magnitude2 fun Point3D.magnitude2(): Double

Returns the squared length of the vector/point.

midPoint infix fun Point3D.midPoint(other: Point3D): Point3D
minus operator fun Point3D.minus(other: Point3D): Point3D
operator fun Point3D.minus(value: Double): Point3D
plus operator fun Point3D): Point3D
operator fun Double): Point3D
times operator fun Point3D.times(factor: Double): Point3D
unaryMinus operator fun Point3D.unaryMinus(): Point3D
xx val Point3D.xx: Point2D
xxx val Point3D
xxy val Point3D.xxy: Point3D
xxz val Point3D.xxz: Point3D
xy val Point3D.xy: Point2D
xyx val Point3D.xyx: Point3D
xyy val Point3D.xyy: Point3D
xyz val Point3D
xz val Point3D.xz: Point2D
xzx val Point3D.xzx: Point3D
xzy val Point3D.xzy: Point3D
xzz val Point3D.xzz: Point3D
yx val Point3D.yx: Point2D
yxx val Point3D.yxx: Point3D
yxy val Point3D.yxy: Point3D
yxz val Point3D.yxz: Point3D
yy val Point3D.yy: Point2D
yyx val Point3D.yyx: Point3D
yyy val Point3D.yyy: Point3D
yyz val Point3D.yyz: Point3D
yz val Point3D.yz: Point2D
yzx val Point3D.yzx: Point3D
yzy val Point3D.yzy: Point3D
yzz val Point3D.yzz: Point3D
zx val Point3D.zx: Point2D
zxx val Point3D.zxx: Point3D
zxy val Point3D.zxy: Point3D
zxz val Point3D.zxz: Point3D
zy val Point3D.zy: Point2D
zyx val Point3D.zyx: Point3D
zyy val Point3D.zyy: Point3D
zyz val Point3D.zyz: Point3D
zz val Point3D.zz: Point2D
zzx val Point3D.zzx: Point3D
zzy val Point3D.zzy: Point3D
zzz val Point3D.zzz: Point3D