tornadofx / tornadofx / javafx.scene.Node

Extensions for javafx.scene.Node

addDecorator fun Node.addDecorator(decorator: Decorator): Unit
addTo infix fun Node.addTo(pane: EventTarget): Unit
builderTarget var Node.builderTarget: KFunction1<*, ObjectProperty<Node>>?
cache fun <T : Node> Node.cache(key: Any = "tornadofx.cachedNode", op: EventTarget.() -> T): T

Create, cache and return a Node and store it within the owning node. Typical usage:

decorators val Node.decorators: MutableList<Decorator>
fade fun Node.fade(time: Duration, opacity: Number, easing: Interpolator = Interpolator.EASE_BOTH, reversed: Boolean = false, play: Boolean = true, op: FadeTransition.() -> Unit = {}): FadeTransition

A convenience function for creating a FadeTransition on a Node.

findParent fun <T : Any> Node.findParent(): T?
findParentOfType fun <T : Any> Node.findParentOfType(parentType: KClass<T>): T?
follow fun Node.follow(time: Duration, path: Shape, easing: Interpolator = Interpolator.EASE_BOTH, reversed: Boolean = false, play: Boolean = true, op: PathTransition.() -> Unit = {}): PathTransition
hgrow var Node.hgrow: Priority?
hide fun Node.hide(): Unit
indexInParent val Node.indexInParent: Int
mnemonicTarget fun Node.mnemonicTarget(): Unit

Make this Node (presumably an input element) the mnemonicTarget for the field label. When the label of the field is activated, this input element will receive focus.

move fun Node.move(time: Duration, destination: Point2D, easing: Interpolator = Interpolator.EASE_BOTH, reversed: Boolean = false, play: Boolean = true, op: TranslateTransition.() -> Unit = {}): TranslateTransition

A convenience function for creating a TranslateTransition on a Node.

onDoubleClick fun Node.onDoubleClick(action: () -> Unit): Unit
onLeftClick fun Node.onLeftClick(clickCount: Int = 1, action: () -> Unit): Unit
onRightClick fun Node.onRightClick(clickCount: Int = 1, action: () -> Unit): Unit
removeDecorator fun Node.removeDecorator(decorator: Decorator): Unit
replaceWith fun Node.replaceWith(replacement: Node, transition: ViewTransition? = null, sizeToScene: Boolean = false, centerOnScreen: Boolean = false, onTransit: () -> Unit = {}): Boolean

Replace this Node with another, optionally using a transition animation.

fun Node.replaceWith(replacement: Node, transition: ViewTransition? = null, sizeToScene: Boolean, onTransit: () -> Unit = {}): Boolean
rotate fun Node.rotate(time: Duration, angle: Number, easing: Interpolator = Interpolator.EASE_BOTH, reversed: Boolean = false, play: Boolean = true, op: RotateTransition.() -> Unit = {}): RotateTransition

A convenience function for creating a RotateTransition on a Node.

runAsyncWithOverlay fun Node.runAsyncWithOverlay(latch: CountDownLatch, timeout: Duration? = null, overlayNode: Node = MaskPane()): Task<Boolean>

Covers node with overlay (by default - an instance of MaskPane) until latch is released by another thread. Its useful when more control over async execution is needed, like:

fun <T : Any> Node.runAsyncWithOverlay(overlayNode: Node = MaskPane(), op: () -> T): Task<T>

Runs given task in background thread, covering node with overlay (default one is MaskPane) until task is done.

runAsyncWithProgress fun Node.runAsyncWithProgress(latch: CountDownLatch, timeout: Duration? = null, progress: Node = ProgressIndicator()): Task<Boolean>
fun <T : Any> Node.runAsyncWithProgress(progress: Node = ProgressIndicator(), op: () -> T): Task<T>

Replace this node with a progress node while a long running task is running and swap it back when complete.

scale fun Node.scale(time: Duration, scale: Point2D, easing: Interpolator = Interpolator.EASE_BOTH, reversed: Boolean = false, play: Boolean = true, op: ScaleTransition.() -> Unit = {}): ScaleTransition

A convenience function for creating a ScaleTransition on a Node.

select fun <T : Node> Selectable): T
selectAll fun <T : Node> Node.selectAll(selector: Selectable): <ERROR CLASS>
show fun Unit
togglegroup fun Node.togglegroup(property: ObservableValue<Any>? = null, op: ToggleGroup.() -> Unit = {}): <ERROR CLASS>
tooltip fun Node.tooltip(text: String? = null, graphic: Node? = null, op: Tooltip.() -> Unit = {}): Tooltip
transform fun Node.transform(time: Duration, destination: Point2D, angle: Number, scale: Point2D, opacity: Number, easing: Interpolator = Interpolator.EASE_BOTH, reversed: Boolean = false, play: Boolean = true, op: ParallelTransition.() -> Unit = {}): <ERROR CLASS>

A convenience function for creating a TranslateTransition, RotateTransition, ScaleTransition, FadeTransition on a Node that all run simultaneously.

uiComponent fun <T : UIComponent> Node.uiComponent(): T?

Return the UIComponent (View or Fragment) that owns this Parent

vgrow var Node.vgrow: Priority?
whenVisible fun Node.whenVisible(runLater: Boolean = true, op: () -> Unit): Unit
wrapIn fun Node.wrapIn(wrapper: Parent): Unit