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Extensions for javafx.scene.control.ComboBox

asyncItems fun <T> ComboBox<T>.asyncItems(func: FXTask<*>.() -> Collection<T>): <ERROR CLASS>
bindSelected fun <T> ComboBox<T>.bindSelected(property: Property<T>): Unit
cellFormat fun <T> ComboBox<T>.cellFormat(scope: Scope, formatButtonCell: Boolean = true, formatter: ListCell<T>.(T) -> Unit): Unit
makeAutocompletable fun <T> ComboBox<T>.makeAutocompletable(automaticPopupWidth: Boolean = true, autoCompleteFilter: (String) -> List<T> = null): Unit

Extension function to combobox to add autocomplete capabilities Accept in parameter a callback to create the autocomplete list based on input text Default filter use the string produced by the converter of combobox and search with contains ignore case the occurrence of typed text

selectedItem val <T> ComboBox<T>.selectedItem: T?