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Extensions for javafx.scene.control.ListView

asyncItems fun <T> ListView<T>.asyncItems(func: () -> Collection<T>): <ERROR CLASS>
bindSelected fun <T> ListView<T>.bindSelected(property: Property<T>): Unit
fun <T> ListView<T>.bindSelected(model: ItemViewModel<T>): Unit
cellCache fun <T> ListView<T>.cellCache(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, cachedGraphicProvider: (T) -> Node): Unit

Calculate a unique Node per item and set this Node as the graphic of the ListCell.

cellFormat fun <T> ListView<T>.cellFormat(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, formatter: ListCell<T>.(T) -> Unit): Unit
cellFragment fun <T, F : ListCellFragment<T>> ListView<T>.cellFragment(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, fragment: KClass<F>): Unit
editableWhen fun ListView<*>.editableWhen(predicate: ObservableValue<Boolean>): <ERROR CLASS>
multiSelect fun <T> ListView<T>.multiSelect(enable: Boolean = true): Unit
onEdit fun <T> ListView<T>.onEdit(scope: Scope = FX.defaultScope, eventListener: ListCell<T>.(EditEventType, T?) -> Unit): Unit
onUserDelete fun <T> ListView<T>.onUserDelete(action: (T) -> Unit): Unit
onUserSelect fun <T> ListView<T>.onUserSelect(clickCount: Int = 2, action: (T) -> Unit): Unit

Execute action when the enter key is pressed or the mouse is clicked

selectWhere fun <T> ListView<T>.selectWhere(scrollTo: Boolean = true, condition: (T) -> Boolean): Unit
selectedItem val <T> ListView<T>.selectedItem: T?
useCheckbox fun <S> ListView<S>.useCheckbox(converter: StringConverter<S>? = null, getter: (S) -> ObservableValue<Boolean>): Unit