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Extensions for javafx.scene.control.TextInputControl

bind fun <S : T, T : Any> TextInputControl.bind(property: ObservableValue<S>, readonly: Boolean = false, converter: StringConverter<T>? = null, format: Format? = null): Unit
editableWhen fun TextInputControl.editableWhen(predicate: ObservableValue<Boolean>): <ERROR CLASS>
filterInput fun TextInputControl.filterInput(discriminator: (Change) -> Boolean): Unit

Filter the input of the text field by passing each change to the discriminator function and only applying the change if the discriminator returns true

required fun TextInputControl.required(trigger: ValidationTrigger = ValidationTrigger.OnChange(), message: String? = viewModelBundle["required"]): <ERROR CLASS>
requiredWhen fun TextInputControl.requiredWhen(condition: Boolean, trigger: ValidationTrigger = ValidationTrigger.OnChange(), message: String? = viewModelBundle["required"]): <ERROR CLASS>
fun TextInputControl.requiredWhen(condition: ObservableValue<Boolean>, trigger: ValidationTrigger = ValidationTrigger.OnChange(), message: String? = viewModelBundle["required"]): <ERROR CLASS>
stripNonInteger fun TextInputControl.stripNonInteger(): <ERROR CLASS>

Remove any non integer values from a Text Input Control.

stripNonNumeric fun TextInputControl.stripNonNumeric(vararg allowedChars: String = arrayOf(".", ",")): <ERROR CLASS>

Remove any non integer values from a Text Input Control.

stripWhitespace fun TextInputControl.stripWhitespace(): <ERROR CLASS>

Remove any whitespace from a Text Input Control.

trimWhitespace fun TextInputControl.trimWhitespace(): <ERROR CLASS>

Remove leading or trailing whitespace from a Text Input Control.

validator fun TextInputControl.validator(trigger: ValidationTrigger = ValidationTrigger.OnChange(), validator: ValidationContext.(String?) -> ValidationMessage?): <ERROR CLASS>

Add a validator to a TextInputControl that is already bound to a model property.