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Extensions for javax.json.JsonObject

bigdecimal fun JsonObject.bigdecimal(vararg key: String): BigDecimal?
bool fun JsonObject.bool(vararg key: String): Boolean?
boolean fun JsonObject.boolean(vararg key: String): Boolean?
contains fun JsonObject?.contains(text: String?, ignoreCase: Boolean = true): Boolean
date fun key: String): LocalDate?
datetime fun JsonObject.datetime(vararg key: String, millis: Boolean = JsonConfig.DefaultDateTimeMillis): LocalDateTime?
double fun JsonObject.double(vararg key: String): Double?
firstNonNull fun <T> JsonObject.firstNonNull(vararg keys: String, extractor: (String) -> T): T?
float fun JsonObject.float(vararg key: String): Float?
getBigDecimal fun JsonObject.getBigDecimal(vararg key: String): BigDecimal
getDate fun JsonObject.getDate(vararg key: String): LocalDate
getDateTime fun JsonObject.getDateTime(vararg key: String, millis: Boolean = JsonConfig.DefaultDateTimeMillis): LocalDateTime
getDouble fun JsonObject.getDouble(vararg key: String): Double
getFloat fun JsonObject.getFloat(vararg key: String): Float
getInt fun JsonObject.getInt(vararg key: String): Int
getJsonNumber fun JsonObject.getJsonNumber(vararg key: String): JsonNumber
getLong fun JsonObject.getLong(vararg key: String): Long
getString fun JsonObject.getString(vararg key: String): String
getUUID fun JsonObject.getUUID(vararg key: String): UUID
int fun key: String): Int?
isNotNullOrNULL fun JsonObject.isNotNullOrNULL(key: String): Boolean

Nullable getters are lowercase, not null getters are prependend with get + camelcase JsonObject already provide some not null getters like getString, getBoolean etc, the rest are added here

jsonArray fun JsonObject.jsonArray(vararg key: String): JsonArray?
jsonModel fun <T : JsonModel> JsonObject.jsonModel(vararg key: String): <ERROR CLASS>
jsonNumber fun JsonObject.jsonNumber(vararg key: String): JsonNumber?
jsonObject fun JsonObject.jsonObject(vararg key: String): JsonObject?
long fun JsonObject.long(vararg key: String): Long?
string fun JsonObject.string(vararg key: String): String?
toModel fun <T : JsonModel> JsonObject.toModel(): T
uuid fun JsonObject.uuid(vararg key: String): UUID?