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Extensions for kotlin.collections.Map

asObservable fun <K, V> Map<K, V>.asObservable(): ObservableMap<K, V>

Returns a new ObservableMap that is backed by the original map.

countValues fun <K> Map<K, Collection<*>>.countValues(key: K): Int
mapEach fun <K, V, R> Map<K, V>.mapEach(action: Entry<K, V>.() -> R): <ERROR CLASS>

map with Map.Entree as receiver.

mapEachTo fun <K, V, R, C : MutableCollection<in R>> Map<K, V>.mapEachTo(destination: C, action: Entry<K, V>.() -> R): <ERROR CLASS>

mapTo with Map.Entree as receiver.

observable fun <K, V> Map<K, V>.observable(): ObservableMap<K, V>
queryString val Map<*, *>.queryString: String
toObservable fun <K, V> Map<K, V>.toObservable(): ObservableMap<K, V>

Returns a new ObservableMap with the elements from the original map.

withEach fun <K, V> Map<K, V>.withEach(action: Entry<K, V>.() -> Unit): <ERROR CLASS>

forEach with Map.Entree as receiver.